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About VO2

VO2 is a fully equipped urban-industrial, warehouse style, functional training facility.

We offer independent open-gym style training sessions that are primarily self-led & self-paced.

Our gym appeals to individuals that are confident in a gym environment, looking to train individually while still being part of a supportive, driven and knowledgeable community. Beginners, please read our FAQ page. 

We provide all of our members with thorough, effective and engaging strength and conditioning programs. Members are also welcome to bring their own programming. 

Our custom programs are designed for members who's primary goals are: 
*Functional strength   
*Balanced and effective training of all muscle groups  
*Reducing body fat while building lean muscle mass  
*Integration of cardiovascular conditioning into weight training   
*Long term muscle & joint health (via adequate rest periods, active recovery, and targeted intensity).

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