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All You Need to Know

VO2 offers a very thorough, safe & effective strength and conditioning program suitable to individuals of all ages and levels of fitness. We are the opposite of a generic commercial gym. There are no mirrors. There is no lone-wolf mentality. There is no low intensity auto pilot. Everything we do in our gym, we do together, with intention for a purpose.  The equipment is different, the interaction of the people is different, the movements and mechanics are different than you see in a commercial gym and therefore you see different results. Our dedicated certified coaches and other athletes are here to support you and push you through every step of the way. We will make you a better version of yourself. Period. Our goal is to help people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. All it takes is to walk through our doors, give it your best and the rest takes care of itself.

Our programs are designed for ANYONE who's primary goals are: 
* Functional strength   
*Balanced and effective training of all muscle groups  
*Reducing body fat while building lean muscle mass  
*Integration of cardiovascular conditioning into weight training   
*Long term muscle & joint health (via adequate rest periods, active recovery, and targeted intensity)


The VO2 family.